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November 15, 2011 / jhsaeger

Tuesday’s Best: Quadrophenia


     One in a long series of remasters and deluxe editions of material related to The Who – Quadrophenia Director’s Cut comes complete with all the bells, whistles, and bonus tracks needed to add depth to the landmark album.  The Who have been guilty more than any other major band of rereleasing albums with a handful of extra tracks, but they also have a habit of choosing quality leftovers that are like dangling carrots in front of Who junkies.  

   The original Quadrophenia was released in October of 1973 and would rise to number two on both the U.K. and U.S. album charts (the offending #1 album was Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road).  The Who’s second rock opera following 1969’s TommyQuadrophenia ran 17 songs deep and included two songs (“5:15,” “Love Reign O’er Me”) which later made their way onto their greatest hits album.  
   This deluxe edition includes remastered versions of the original 17 songs followed by 11 demo tracks.  The remaster itself is quite impressive, as it especially brings out John Entwistle’s excellent bass play.  The demos are mostly for The Who’s superfans.  Even though they are fairly complete tracks, it does allow a glimpse at the songs in their developmental stages.  While good selections by The Who’s Pete Townsend(who supervised the project), they are not necessary listens.  Hearing tracks like “Real Me” and “Love Reign O’er Me” without The Who’s full sound behind them creates for a different listening experience.  Additionally, there are also two booklets of lyrics, photos, and liner notes written by The Who’s Townsend.  
    Quadrophenia Director’s Cut is also available in a format of four CD’s, a DVD with the surround sound mix, vinyl seven inch single, and a book.  
Other Great Stuff That Comes Out Today:  R.E.M. – Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage 1982 – 2011, Drake – Take Care, Gym Class Heroes – Papercut Chronicles II

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