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December 15, 2011 / jhsaeger

Adjust Your 2012 Calendars, It’s Concert Season!
   As 2011 winds down, the slate of tours in 2012 is gradually becomingmore clear, and it looks like it could be a monster year.  Classic rockacts look like they’ll be a big ticket item this year, and festivals arebooking some juicy acts already.  Here’s a look at some of the potentialhighlights for 2012: 
1)Enjoying the Classics –  Two of the most important confirmed tours of2012 are from New Wavers Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty.  AlthoughSpringsteen’s schedule is still veiled at this point in time, a statement onhis website indicates that he will hit the U.S. in the early portion of 2012and cross overseas in time for the European festival season.  Tom Petty’stour schedule was released on Wednesday, containing only a handful of NorthAmerican dates in favor of a lengthy run of European dates.  This is bignews for Petty’s European fans, as the Heartbreakers have not played a worldtour in 20 years.  Also, The Eagles’ guitarist Joe Walsh believed theperennial never-touring-again rockers will hit the road in the second half of2012.  The band has already booked a date at the jam-packed New OrleansJazz Festival.  
    The potential bonanza, however, is still very muchin the rumor mill thanks to some much-hyped intra-band angst.  With theRolling Stones still ambivalent towards a 50th Anniversary tour due to a riftbetween Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (nothing new to see here folks, movealong), promoters are anxious to get their hands on what has a genuine shot atbecoming the highest-grossing tour of all-time.  
Not Forgotten: Roger Waters continues The Wall Tour, Elton Johnperforms Greatest Hits, and metal band Black Sabbath reunites with the originalfour-man lineup.  
2) Alternative Music Comes to a Town Near You – The biggestnewcomer on the arena circuit, The Black Keys, are slated to have a lengthyNorth American Tour.  While the bluesy duo from Akron, Ohio has played innumerous festivals before, this is their first try as the headliner of a majorarena tour.  Florence Welch is also a relatively new addition to bigshows.  Even though she has played her share of festivals and opened forU2’s monstrous 360 Tour, she’s never headlined arenas before.  
   Veterans that will hit the road include the FooFighters, who plan to continue their Wasting Light tour in Japan and LatinAmerica.  Former Husker Du legend Bob Mould will play a brief series ofdates in support of an upcoming record.  Noel Gallagher is also continuinghis High Flying Birds Tour amidst rumors of a second, more psychedelic recordthat could hit next year as well.  
Other tours:  Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, FleetFoxes (Oceania, Japan), Snow Patrol, Rammstein, Arctic Monkeys (with The BlackKeys)
3) PopMusic Spectaculars – To be honest, the closest Long After Dark has ever been toa true pop show was while tailgating for a soccer match this summer. While enjoying the scenery of Philadelphia’s Sports Complex parking lotsand waiting for a match between the Philadelphia Union and Real Madrid tobegin, a sparkly-dressed woman loudly declared it to be BS that our party wasnot making our way to the Rihanna concert at the nearby Wells Fargo Center. The lack of response from our party was equal parts stun and the dearthof wanting to attend said show.
  That event aside, the pop scene should have a monsteryear in 2012.  Madonna has been rumored to be making another album andwill likely follow her Super Bowl gig with a tour.  Taylor Swift willvisit Oceania and Duran Duran will play a handful of shows, while Tim McGrawand Kenny Chesney will continue with the popular duel-country act stadium tour. Not to be left out, Donnie Wahlberg will take the New Kids on the Blocktour to Europe and Coldplay will kick off the next leg of their current tour inApril

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