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January 10, 2012 / jhsaeger

Snow Patrol Disappoints In Fallen Empires

   The Scotch-Irish alternative band Snow Patrol’s Fallen Empires has finally made its way to the United States – two months after it was released in the United Kingdom.  The band’s sixth album, Fallen Empires veers from the band’s usual melodic ballads, instead making a brave attempt at more pop-oriented music. 
   Among Snow Patrol’s longest albums, Fallen Empires is 14 tracks deep and has a running length of 57:17.  Their first record since 2008, Fallen Empires still displays Gary Lightbody’s emotional side, though not to the level we’ve seen in the past.  Of the record’s 14 songs, “I’ll Never Let Go” and “The Weight Of Love” are the best of this more recent venture.  For the most part, however, Fallen Empires doesn’t have a great amount of excitement beyond a handful of tracks and might have been better off as a trimmer record with a few less songs. 
    To clarify, Long After Dark is not suggesting that artists should not try to reinvent their sound.  Sometimes a musician’s best moments can come through a sonic rejuvenation.  Reinvention is one of the most important ways to avoid career stagnation.  In this instance, Snow Patrol whiffed a bit in their attempt, as Fallen Empires doesn’t stand out despite a chance to be one of the first major alternative albums of the year in the United States. 
    For those looking to catch a glimpse of Snow Patrol debuting their album in North America, they performed on Live on Letterman on Monday, January 9 and can still catch the performance on  Snow Patrol will support Fallen Empires in the United States with a 30-date tour, running from March 29 to May 18.  The first batch of tickets will go sale on January 13.  Fallen Empires is available as a digital download, CD, and vinyl. 
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