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January 13, 2012 / jhsaeger

Lana Del Rey Teases Sophomore Album With EP

   In two-and-a-half weeks, American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey will release her highly anticipated second album, Born To Die, on January 30.  That didn’t stop the 25 year-old Lake Placid, New York native from teasing her fans with a four song EP this week.  Released this past Tuesday as a digital download, Lana Del Rey – EP contains the first four tracks from her upcoming record and is a strong indicator of Born To Die becoming a very commercially successful hit. 
     Released 13 months after Adele’s 21, Del Rey might draw from her British contemporary’s audience, as she possesses a potentially outstanding voice to bring a similar, though more downbeat, style of lyrics to life.  Her biggest song thus far, “Video Games,” delivers a scathing condemnation of a man who clearly missed something.  “Born To Die” is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse-style verse, as it is immersed in dark overtones with a Winehouse twist to the lyrics.  “Blue Jeans,” the album’s third track, was the best combination of pop, songwriting, and her vocal range and could be the longest-lasting song on her new record.  The constant, random background vocal is a detractor though as its abuse is more nagging than helping the song along.  The fourth, and least impressive song, “Off to the Races” is the biggest letdown of the four.  A whiff at creating a pop-sensible track, it differs from the rest of the EP as it is very bland and is the most Top 40-targeted song of the four. 
   Just a small sample of her work, Del Rey’s EP might not be for everyone, as one is either to love it or pass on it quickly.  She won’t be going away anytime soon, though, and Del Rey is at least worth sampling.  The songstress will appear on NBC’s Saturday Night Live on January 14.  

 “Video Games,” Lana Del Rey

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