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January 15, 2012 / jhsaeger

Music Blogs – So Many Blogs, So Little Time

   The internet can be a wonderful place at times.  When it comes to music blogging there seems to be something for everyone.  Hipster blogs, local blogs, indie blogs, mainstream blogs, classical blogs, dub step blogs… I could keep going ad infinitum, but you can get the idea – if you want to read about your niche of music, someone out there is writing for you.  Here are some of Long After Dark’s favorite and most interesting blogs to follow (in addition to itself, of course):

Burning Wood: Penned by the co-owner of New York’s now-deceased NYCD record store, Sal Nunziato, the blog is a window into the world of rock ‘n roll in the Big Apple.  An unabashed Todd Rundgren fan, Nunziato has very good taste in music and is a constant source of stories, musings, and new releases.  My favorite of the group and a constant destination every week.
Bands in the Backyard: A Philadelphia-area music blog that is overseen by a pair of former musicians, Bands in the Backyard is an innovative site which films local acts who are looking to gain a following.  One major, and important, difference between BITBY and other similar blogs is that BITBY scans the area for the best and the brightest of the Philadelphia region, acting as a filter for local music and not merely as freelance promoter.
KEXP (The Blog): The blog for Seattle-based radio station KEXP, the station’s site has a litany of reviews and videos of bands that have come across its Seattle and New York studios.  If you are looking for concert footage of an up-and-coming act, odds are that KEXP has filmed them recently for their awesome youtube channel.
Consequence of Sound: An eclectic music site that is akin to Pitchfork, Consequence of Sound is based in Chicago and hosts a staff of 50 music writers who give the latest in albums, tours, and news.    

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