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January 18, 2012 / jhsaeger

Live From Daryl’s House Turns 50 With Keb Mo

      The webcast Live From Daryl’s House broadcasted its 50th Episode on Sunday, teaming Daryl Hall with one of contemporary blues’ finest songwriters, Keb Mo.  The episode’s seven-song set list coupled songs from Keb Mo’s most recent record, The Reflection, with rarities from Hall’s deep catalog.  One of the most enjoyable episodes of the webcast, the session benefited from Hall’s terrific backing band, who helped bring both the relatively old and new material to life.

    The songs from The Reflection were cued by the enjoyable “The Whole Enchilada,” which poses unanswered questions to a man who has to sort out his love life. The most emotional song from both The Reflection and Episode 50 was Keb Mo’s “We Don’t Need It,” which tells the tale of a man who loses his job and how the experience changes his family.  Daryl Hall’s best selection came from “Everything Your Heart Desires,” which was the lead single from 1988’s Ooh Yeah!
     A constant benefit of watching Live From Daryl’s House is the opportunity to watch snippets of world-class musicians working out parts to songs.  This was the case with “Inside Outside,” as the broadcast marked the first time Keb Mo had ever played the catchy track live.  Watching the pure excitement on Keb Mo’s face as “Inside Outside” came together on Shawn Pelton’s terrific drumming is something one doesn’t often see from musicians. 
      The show’s typically savory food segment showcased New York restraunteur’s Jamie Parry’s chicken confit and paved the way for another enjoyable dinner scene, where Keb Mo regaled Hall’s band with stories from the early phase of his career, including how he developed as a guitar player listening to B.B. King. The set closed with a performance of “Cab Driver,” from Hall’s 1996 solo LP Can’t Stop Dreaming.  


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  1. Sandra / Aug 11 2012 10:46 am

    Wow, these gentlemen really cook in this number.Excellent song by Keb Mo – I love it! This performance showcases the ability for Daryl Hall & his boys to shift gears and play with individuals of any genre; and demonstrates how he has matured as a professional musician. Daryl is kind of like a fine wine; and seems to have improved with age! Summary written by John Saeger is very well-done.Sandra Pinnel August 11th, 2012

  2. John Saeger / Aug 11 2012 1:22 pm

    Thanks Sandra for the kind words Sandra. This really was one of the best LFDH episodes yet. Really looking forward to the next episode with Rumer.

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