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January 29, 2012 / jhsaeger

Gotye’s Making Mirrors

    Just when I thought I could close the books on 2011, another late release album has made it into the mix.  Making Mirrors, the third record from the Belgian-born Australian recording artist Wouter De Backer (who goes by the more aptly-chosen stage name Gotye), is a unique mix of electronic music and neo-soul.
    Making Mirrors represents a long road to commercial success for Gotye, whose previous two records, Boardface and Like Drawing Blood, were released as far back as 2003 and 2006.  A 12-track record that alternates between electronic and soul, Making Mirrors lacks the fluidity that helps create a true album.  Instead of blending the two styles, Gotye has a tendency to leap from one to the other.  After picking at certain tracks, however, there are a handful of songs that are very good and at times seem very Beck-like. 
    The beginning part of the record leans towards the more electronic tracks, while the mid-section briefly veers into soul, before Gotye returns to electronic again.  Of the electronic tracks, “Easy Way” and “Smoke and Mirrors” are the best, while “Giving Me A Chance” has a subtle 70’s influence that is a bit catchy.  Although the single “Eyes Wide Open” has received significant airplay, the soul-influenced “I Feel Better” is the most upbeat, pop-savvy song on Making Mirrors.  Placed very late in the record, “State of Art” is, at best, a very, very bizarre voice box-dominated song that is a bit of a mystery.
   Originally released on December 6 in the United States as a digital download, Making Mirrors was overshadowed in a week where the new releases included records from the Black Keys, The Roots, and Amy Winehouse.  The album will become available as a CD and vinyl on January 31.  

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