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February 3, 2012 / jhsaeger

Rumer Has It

   One of the best qualities a singer’s voice can possess is that moment when you first hear it and everything seems to stop.  For Long After Dark, this was very much the case with British singer Rumer, whose first record, Seasons Of My Soul, made its North American debut on January 24.  11 tracks in length, Seasons of My Soul combines astute songwriting with a terrific voice that brings to mind a blend of Karen Carpentar and Sarah McLachlan.  
   Seasons Of My Soul was originally released in the United Kingdom in November 2010, where it has since achieved platinum status.   Rumer wrote, or shared writing duties, on ten of the record’s eleven tracks.  The lone exception was the final track, “Goodbye Girl,” which was originally written and released by David Gates in 1978. 
   One of Rumer’s best qualities is a tremendous feel for her material.  This is best exemplified with “Aretha,” an amazing nod to the Queen of Soul where Rumer conveys the relationship between an artist and their audience.  “Aretha” has the makings of a contemporary classic, including the brief bluesy moment when she sings “you got the words, baby you got the words.” 
   Other examples of her feel for the material come across in the love songs “Slow” and “Saving Grace.”  Rumer also tackles the opposing lyrical point-of-view with the record’s first track, “Am I forgiven,” where she asks a scorned character, “Ooh would you help me to find my way back to this heart/when I’m tired and life’s heavy on me?” 
   Seasons Of My Soul is available in the United States as a digital download and compact disc.  Rumer is currently touring North America, including a stop at the World Café on February 7.

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