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February 6, 2012 / jhsaeger

Madonna Puts on Super Bowl Spectacle

   The Super Bowl halftime show is a favorite topic for Long After Dark. The annual event typically showcases the world’s best artists and gives them a chance to encapsulate their live performances in a 12-minute slot in front of a billion people. Some acts are built for this more than others, as the condensed timeslot presents some limitations. Whether it is Paul McCartney or Bruce Springsteen electrifying the world with straight-up performances or the Black Eyed Peas delivering an over-produced stinker (even Slash looked bored), it is typically the music event of the year.
    On Sunday night, American pop star Madonna performed a massive show with some help from Cirque du Soleil. As far as following the Black Eyed Peas, by merely showing up Madonna was already going to outperform her 2011 counterparts. She did, however, appear to be veering in that direction towards the middle of the performance when she was joined by LMFAO on stage for a pair of songs and then performed her newest single, “Give Me All Your Luvin.’”
   While she may have lost it a bit in the middle of the show, by bookending the set with career staples “Vogue” and “Like A Prayer,” Madonna salvaged the concert. The Cleopatra-like entrance that preceded “Vogue” seemed to be fit only for the Queen of Pop, and will likely be the most talked about segment of the show.
   As a whole, Madonna’s effort meets with a mixed review, as the visual aspect of the show was stunning, but the overt appearance of lip-syncing and the selection of the set list were lacking. Of the guest stars, Nicki Minaj and LMFAO were less than terrific, but Cee Lo Green held his own later on in the show. Overall, Madonna gets a “solid” rating, as the middle of the show was lackluster, but the opening and closing numbers were impressive.


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  1. Rosie / Feb 7 2012 1:44 am

    I like spectacle as much as the next Liza Minnelli wannabe, but I am not feeling the Madonna performance. She may rock heels and squats and cartwheels better than any 53 year old in the history of the planet, but she doesn't look like she is having any fun.

  2. John Saeger / Feb 7 2012 1:48 am

    I thought it looked very plastic at some point. I liked the beginning a lot, that was vintage Madonna. I don't understand what she was doing in the middle part of it though. That part of it didn't look enjoyable and the set list wasn't well-choosen. I also don't know why she needed the guests. She's Madonna.

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