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February 21, 2012 / jhsaeger

Tuesday’s Biggest: Some Nights Aren’t Fun

   New York band Fun is set to release their very indie-sounding sophomore record, Some Nights, on Tuesday amidst a decent amount of hype thanks to their lead single “We Are Young.” The song, which has already appeared on Glee and tracked a Super Bowl ad, gave the album a tremendous amount of exposure weeks before its release. The album itself employs elements of Queen, electronic music, and hip-hop – an uncommon mix over a very diverse 11-track record.
  Fun’s Queen influence enters into the early phase of the album, as the first half of the record embraces a blend of theatrical rock and indie pop before gradually sliding into the hip-hop/electronic segment. The first three tracks go well together, as “Some Nights (Intro)” and “Some Nights” build up the album’s biggest track “We Are Young.” Easily the album’s key song, “We Are Young” plods along through a pounding keyboard (think Alicia Keys’ work on Blueprint 3) and a simple, rhythmic drumbeat that supports a big, bold chorus.
   As the record slides into its hip-hop/electronic phase, the base sound of Fun gradually becomes more apparent. Constructed around lead singer Nate Ruess’s dramatic vocals, the back end of Some Nights contains a thick layer of electronic and synth sounds that are occasionally kept in check by hip-hop beats.
   A “love it or hate it” record, Some Nights should resonate best with the late teens/twentysomething crowd. A fun, energetic pop record, the lyrics on “Some Nights” make Fun’s appearance on Glee seem like a natural fit. If you like Glee, you’ll love Some Nights. If you shudder at the thought of the television show’s mere existence, Long After Dark advises abstinence and the Motorhead box set listed below.
Other Cool Stuff That Hits Today: Motorhead: Complete Early Years Box Set, Sinead O’Connor: How About I Be Me (And You Be You), Celtic Thunder: Voyage

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