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February 25, 2012 / jhsaeger

Five Great Bands That You Might Not Have Heard Of… But Ought To Check Out

As is often the case with music, there are times when you can scratch your head and wonder, “Why isn’t this band bigger?” Good question. Here are five bands that are worthy of deeper looks:

Blood Feathers – The Philadelphia-based Blood Feathers have hit on a bit of a trifecta  – they are deeply rooted in a rich late 50’s/early 60’s rock ‘n roll sound, have the live chops to captivate a room, and terrific, witty songwriting. Having recently entered the studio to record what appears to be their third album, fingers are crossed that the band expands on their fantastic second record, Goodness Gracious, which has several gems like “The Same Mad Part” and “Great God Almighty.”  
The Romany Rye – After receiving a taste of the national scene with Rolling Stone’s unsigned band competition last summer, The Romany Rye re-entered the studio and crafted a terrific full-length record with a handful of outstanding songs. Led by “Brother,” “New King of the Mountain,” and the emotional “(Untitled) Love Song,” Quicksilver Sunbeam stands as a terrific exposé of a neo-Laurel Canyon Sound.  
Walk The Moon – A four-piece face-painting indie band from Cincinnati, the art-rock/electronic group has already garnered some noticeable attention due in part to their energetic performances and opening slots with Fitz and the Tantrums and Young the Giant. A mix of Grizzly Bear, Vampire Weekend, and Empire of the Sun, Walk The Moon is likely headed for some big things in the indie pop scene.
Artwork – The New Jersey-based alternative rock band has yet to release a full-length album, in fact they’ve only released one song to date – the fantastic “Skies.” A very radio friendly track, “Skies” is melodic alt rock at its best, using powerful instrumentals mixed with pop-savvy melodies. Stay tuned for their debut EP – Just To Feel Alive, which comes out on March 13. 
The Gallery – The ultimate head-scratcher on this list, why The Gallery have not received more critical attention is beyond Long After Dark’s comprehension. Very reminiscent of the early Wallflowers, The Gallery’s killer EP from 2011, Come Alive, is about as good of a five-track collection of songs as you will ever find from an unsigned band. Check out their biggest, and best, song so far:


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  1. Rosie / Feb 26 2012 4:10 pm

    Brother John, are you in tune with Alabama Shakes. One word: wowsies.

  2. John Saeger / Feb 26 2012 9:28 pm

    Yes, ma'am, heard them a few months ago and look forward to the April album… you may have preceded a near-future blog post in the mind-workshop.

  3. Rosie / Feb 27 2012 12:52 am

    Do you want to go see them – their Philly show is the night before the record comes out.

  4. John Saeger / Feb 27 2012 12:57 am

    I'm in… World Cafe?

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