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March 6, 2012 / jhsaeger

Tuesday’s Best: Good Old War Comes Back As Rain in Third Record

    In Philadelphia-area folk trio Good Old War’s enjoyable third record, Come Back As Rain, the group delivered another record that capitalized on their terrific group harmony sound. Their first record since 2010’s Good Old War, the 11-track Come Back As Rain is a testament to just how well the group of Tim Arnold, Keith Goodwin, and Dan Schwartz blends their vocals together a la folk heroes Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.
    Throughout the record, Good Old War wields a very blunt set of lyrics that do not attempt to mask any inward feelings the narrator may have. No song exemplifies this as boldly as the LP’s second track, “Calling Me Names,” which begins with the verse, “you should blame yourself/and no one else.” This stance is also found in the catchy opener “Over and Over,” where the narrator seems to be either reassuring himself or drawing a line in the sand with the brief opening verse, “this is the last time/this time I know I’m done.”
    Other key tracks on Come Back As Rain include: “Amazing Eyes,” “Better Weather,” and “Touch The Clouds (Taste The Ground.”
   A terrific building block to continue their brief, though impressive discography, Come Back As Rain is the next step in Good Old War’s steady rise along the budding list of popular young folk acts that have permeated indie music in the last few years, including the Fleet Foxes and the Civil Wars.
   Come Back As Rain is available as a digital download, CD, and vinyl. The first leg of Good Old War’s North American tour will begin on March 8, in Knoxville Tennessee alongside The Belle Brigade and Family of the Year.
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