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March 10, 2012 / jhsaeger

Internet Discoveries: The Weakenders

    Google/Twitter/Facebook can be a wonderful thing for finding new music these days, as the internet can take you to bands as they being to hit. In some instances, that can turn out to be a group before they formally introduce themselves with a record, turning them into a special discovery. Such is the case with current Neat Find, The Weakenders, who are currently in the gestation period of a debut full-length record that is likely to hit this spring. For the time being though, The Weakenders have fashioned a very good EP, Everything And Nothing, that is available as a free download on their website –
    The six-track Everything And Nothing displays the chops of a talented collection of musicians who tastefully construe their individual parts in a manner that serves their songwriting well. Finding a particular musical tag to hang on The Weakenders can be tricky, as they display some elements of The Faces, but are most aptly-described as a great, straightforward, no-frills rock band.
    The four-piece group, which hails from Indianapolis and Nashville, are at their best with their most up-tempo tracks, “Party’s Over” and “I Get Down,” where the band penned a particular favorite line, “the day ain’t gonna waste itself.” While the band slow it down somewhat throughout the EP, the small sample points to a knack for playing livelier hook-friendly tracks.
   Overall, Everything And Nothing reveals a balanced craftsmanship that translates well to the recording process. As a building block, the EP is indicative of a strong and deep full-length record that is in the making and a potential future highlight of 2012.

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