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April 20, 2012 / jhsaeger

Introducing: Shark Tape

          On March 6, the Philadelphia rock band Shark Tape released their debut record, a self-titled four track EP that serves as a well-played and balanced introduction to their take on post-punk style.
        The three-piece Shark Tape consists of Stephen Lorek, Niles Weiss, and Dylan Mulcahy, former members of the band Bojibian. Even in this small sampling of their music, the trio’s influences are very evident throughout the record, as the band excels at crafting very well-constructed post-punk sounds in the mold of Boy-era U2 or more accurately Echo and the Bunnymen.
          Of the four songs on the record, “Ambitions of a Lifetime” best reflects these influences and is also the strongest song on the disc. The guitar structures on the track created open spaces in the music, lending a very atmospheric feel to the song that is smartly filled with a voluminous drum soundThe song’s wistful lyrics, “don’t worry about me/I will always get my ship together,” gave the track a strong foundation and helped to hook the listener into the EP.
The early 80’s styles of “Ambitions of a Lifetime” also seeped into the record’s second track, “Put Those Things Away.” The big drum sound continues into the track, as do the catchy guitar hooks. Of the final two songs on the record, “Eyes of Mercy” and “Joanne,” I have to lean a bit towards “Joanne,” since it provides the EP’s biggest change of pace and reveals keen pop sensibilities that don’t appear as much on the other three tracks. “Joanne” lacks the open sound of the other songs, instead benefitting from very brisk drums and guitar work.
       Shark Tape is available for purchase as a digital download on itunes. The EP is also currently available as a free download through the band’s website:

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