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April 22, 2012 / jhsaeger

Record Store Day 2012

     On Saturday, music junkies in the United States and the United Kingdom descended upon independent record stores to hone their collection with exclusive releases for the fifth annual Record Store Day. Some of the hottest items included releases from Eddie Vedder, the Black Keys, the Flaming Lips, and Phish. Here are some of the items that found their way onto my turntable:

The Black Keys, El Camino The Black Keys’ El Camino received platinum treatment for Record Store Day in the form of two audiophile 180 gram 12” vinyl records and a supplemental 7” with live cuts of “Sister” and “Moneymaker.” While a bit expensive, priced at $39.99, the record continued the Black Keys’ run of creative releases through vinyl and was a way for zealous fans to embrace one of the most infectious rock records of the last few years. The live performances were particularly enticing, as the band has yet to officially release any live takes on any songs from El Camino. The cuts of each song brought out a different aspect of each musician, as Dan Auerbach’s guitar parts on “Sister” seemed to be played a tick slower than on the record and the studio’s echo on “Moneymaker” accentuated Patrick Carney’s ferocious drumming throughout the song.

Garbage, “Blood For Poppies” – The lead single for Garbage’s forthcoming, Not Your Kind of People, “Blood for Poppies” was released as a 7” single on white vinyl. The song received an unspectacular remix from Garbage drummer and producer Butch Vig that comprised the single’s b-side. It was great to see Garbage back, however, as this was the group’s first release on their freshly-minted label: STUNVOLUME.

Jimmy Fallon, “Tebowie” – The late night comedian has created youtube sensations by cutting dead-on impressions of Neil Young for “Whip My Hair” and “Sexy And I Know It.” For Record Store Day, Fallon released one of his other finest moments, “Tebowie,” as a 45. The song’s b-side “Reading Rainbow,” captured his hilarious impression of The Doors’ Jim Morrison cutting the theme to the children’s television program.  

Florence + the Machine, “Shake It Out” – The first song from Florence + the Machine’s second album, Ceremonials, “Shake It Out” was an apt choice for Record Store Day. The song’s remix from The Weeknd that found its way to the flip side of the single was most decidedly less-apt, as it made the track sound like it had been run through a distorted sonic meat grinder. 

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