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May 11, 2012 / jhsaeger

Foo Fighters Million Dollar Demos Leaked

    This week two previously unreleased demos from the Foo Fighters’ sessions for the album One By One found their respective ways to the internet. The demos for the tracks “Come Back” and the single “Have It All” provided a look at each song in their unfinished stages. Neither of the two demos sound early in their development, although they are noticeably different than the songs that made it onto the band’s fourth record.

    The record itself is not one of the Foo Fighters’ better efforts, as early sessions were scrapped due to tensions in the band caused by drummer Taylor Hawkins’ drug overdose months earlier and Dave Grohl’s work on Queens of the Stone Age’s seminal album Songs for the Deaf. After a verbal dustup in the studio, the band emerged with fresh takes on several tracks that were recorded in Grohl’s Virginia home, most notably “All My Life” and “Times Like These.” The previous recordings were shelved and became known as the band’s “Million Dollar Demos.”
    Of the two demos, “Have It All” has an edge of over “Come Back,” as the song is at times better than the version that made it onto One By One. The guitars of Chris Shiflett and Dave Grohl play against each other throughout the song, which rolls into an extended take of the track. The interplay between the guitars creates a messier sound, allowing for a more exciting finish and serves as an intriguing path to what might have been had the song continued with those ideas. The demo of “Come Back” is almost three minutes shorter, and slightly more enticing, than the version on the album. Although it is not quite as well-done as “Have It All,” it is still fun to listen to the song in its earlier stages of development.


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