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May 16, 2012 / jhsaeger

Tuesday’s Buzz: Beach House’s Dreamy Bloom

      Every once in a while there comes a time when sports talk radio or frenetic AM/FM signal surfing does not quite work for a long drive, when you can just pop in a CD and just enjoy a sonic experience without making too much of an emotional investment in the music and just enjoy the record. Such is the case, with Baltimore indie duo Beach House’s fourth record, Bloom, a knee-deep wade into a tidal pool of dreamy ambiance. 
     The ten-track album stretches over 50 minutes if you include the nearly 17-minute coupling of “Irene” with the hidden track “Wherever You Go.” Each of the songs on Bloom were woven together perfectly with one another, allowing for a pleasurable listening experience. While Long After Dark typically strays from this particular sphere of indie rock, Bloom works as a record where concerns over songwriting and apt verse do not particularly matter as much as being able to space out and enjoy the ambiance.
    I probably won’t recommend a record like this for quite some time, but Bloom works from beginning to end without reaching an odd sonic endeavor until stumbling upon an extraordinarily long gap between the final song and the hidden track. While I appreciate the surprise of additional music, listening to copious amounts of dead air is a bit like staring at a blank canvas after standing in line at an art museum for 40 minutes. 
      Bloom is available as a digital download, cd, and vinyl. Beach House kicked off their 2012 Tour on Sunday in Asheville, North Carolina. 

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