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May 23, 2012 / jhsaeger

Band Watch: Cusses

    Late last week I was sent an e-mail where I was asked to check out the Savannah, Georgia band Cusses, who are currently preparing to release a full-length record later in 2012 and have generated considerable internet buzz lately despite a very small sampling of music: 
   Although their style of rock is not nearly as melodically-oriented, the Cusses are similar in concept to personal favorite The Joy Formidable as a female-fronted three-piece band that clearly know how to crank it up past 11. The band, which consists of Angel Bond, Brian Lackey, and Bryan Harder currently have two songs floating out there that are definitely worth checking out: “Worst Enemy” and “Purses.”
    Bond is the most visible part of Cusses. As the video for “Worst Enemy” suggests, she clearly has the stuff to be a dynamic bandleader and garner attention for the group. While the music bit of “Worst Enemy” is a fantastic full-throttle approach that blows the listener away from the first note, the songwriting itself is a bit of a soft spot. The chorus on the track enters the song a bit too repetitively for a set of lyrics with only two verses, a factor which detracts from the raw power of the music.  
    In “Purses,” the only song from the band that is currently available on itunes, the band recorded a track that is a bit of a cross between the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Sleigh Bells. Being that it is where they are most likely to find their audience, “Purses” is a good place to start listening to the band. 
    While I am not yet in love with Cusses, what I have heard so far is enough to make me look forward to a deeper sampling from the band. They have excellent chops as musicians and that might be enough to help them break a bit as their try to find their audience. 
    Cusses are currently engaged in a brief tour that will take them to stops in Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Their debut full-length record is slated to be released sometime in 2012. 

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