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May 24, 2012 / jhsaeger

Even After All These Years Garbage Is Still Not Your Kind of People

    For one of the biggest comebacks in music this year, the alternative rock band Garbage returned with their best album in over a decade and first record since 2005: Not Your Kind of People. While there are moments where the 11-track Not Your Kind Of People veers a bit, the record blends rock, trip-hop, and industrial music in a way that is quintessentially Garbage and serves as a reminder of their expert craftsmanship.
    Not Your Kind Of People begins in an odd note with the “Automatic Systematic Habit,” which sets an off tone for the record by ending in a bizarre electronic moment from lead singer Shirley Manson. The track is emblematic of a few songs on the album, “What Girls Are Made Of,” “I Hate Love,” and “Control,” where the band overcomplicated songs either musically or lyrically, losing their way in the process.
    What makes Not Your Kind Of People reminiscent of Version 2.0 or Garbage is the collection of songs like the terrific “Felt” or “Man On A Wire,” where the alt rock roots and arena-friendly guitar hooks from Steve Marker and Duke Erikson come in to play. Of all the songs on the album, “Felt” is a personal favorite, as the driving drums, guitars, and vocals mesh perfectly, making it one of the best tracks of 2012.
    There are also some great mellower moments on the record where Manson’s delivery is spot-on. Those songs, “Sugar” and “Beloved Freak” bring balance to Not Your Kind Of People and string together the middle of the record. Manson’s best contribution to the record lies in the return of her trademark wit in the album’s backhanded title track, where she sings, “We are not your kind of people/don’t want to be like you ever in our lives.”
    In addition to Butch Vig, Matt Chamberlain (The Wallflowers, Pearl Jam) drummed on “Beloved Freak” and Matt Walker (Smashing Pumpkins, Filter) drummed on “Bright Tonight.” The daughters of Vig and Marker, Bo Violet Vig and Ruby Winslow Marker, provided backing vocals on “Not Your Kind of People.”
   Not Your Kind of People is available as a digital download, cd, deluxe cd, and vinyl. Garbage is currently engaged in an international tour that will include a stop at Atlantic City, New Jersey’s House of Blues on May 25.

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