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May 27, 2012 / jhsaeger

Garbage Dazzle Atlantic City’s House of Blues

(L-R: Avery, Manson, Erikson)
Alternative rock band Garbage swung by Atlantic City on Friday night to play a sold-out show to a raucous crowd at the House of Blues. The band dazzled the audience with a 21-song career-spanning set list that proved they haven’t lost a thing after a lengthy touring and recording hiatus.    
The set list heavily favored Garbage’s earliest material, with 11 of the 21 songs coming from their first two records: Garbage and Version 2.0. The band surprisingly played only three tracks from their latest album, Not Your Kind of People, which had only been released the previous week – “Automatic Systematic Habit,” “Man On A Wire,” and “Control,” which singer Shirley Manson hinted to the audience “may or may not be the next single.”
      Garbage opened with the lead tracks from their first three albums, “Supervixen,” “Temptation Waits,” and “Shut Your Mouth” before sinking into a fantastic cut of “Queer.” After a brawl in the audience forced a false start of one of the band’s biggest songs, “Stupid Girl,” Manson paused the concert for band introductions before resuming the track from the beginning. The moment also gave birth to one of the most exciting bits of the show came from that cut of “Stupid Girl,” where the hair-raising moan of Duke Erikson’s guitar part shook the House of Blues. 
     As the show drew to a finish, the band began a climatic cut of “Only Happy When It Rains” by letting Manson and the audience take over a mellower version of the first verse before ripping off an explosive finish to the song. The band closed out the concert with an energetic three-song encore of “Automatic Systematic Habit,” “The Trick Is To Keep Breathing,” and “Vow.”
     It is hard not to gush over just how good Garbage is as a live unit. Scottish songstress Shirley Manson has an amazing ability to play to an audience while the guitar/snyth tandem of Steve Marker and Erikson can stun a crowd with their dexterity on both instruments. Drummer/producer extraordinaire Butch Vig was on his game as well, giving Garbage an unassuming thunder on stage. The 2012 touring lineup was given additional thump from bassist Eric Avery, a founding member of Jane’s Addiction, who was added to Garbage’s roster for the 2012 tour.
(L-R: Marker, Vig)
     The band was also notably appreciative of their audience throughout the gig. Manson used a respite in the show to take a fan’s sign that was adorned with Garbage’s complete discography on to the stage. After the fan also handed Manson a marker, she corralled the band to autograph the sign before completing the moment with a champagne toast to the audience.
     Opener Apollo Riego was an interesting choice for the show. A magician, Riego performed both tricks of illusion and sleight of hand to warm up a mostly curious but attentive crowd.  

      Their penultimate concert in the United States this spring, Garbage is due to hit a European festival circuit this summer that includes stops in Paris, Bucharest, and Spain.

House of Blues Set list, 5/25/2012:

1)      Supervixen                             12) Control
2)      Temptation Waits                    13) Milk
3)      Shut Your Mouth                     14) I Think I’m Paranoid
4)      Queer                                     15) Man On a Wire
5)      Metal Heart                              16) Bad Boyfriend
6)      Stupid Girl                               17) Only Happy When It Rains
7)      Why Do You Love Me               18) Push It
8)      The World Is Not Enough          Encore:
9)      #1 Crush                                19) Automatic Systematic Habit
10)  Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)           20) The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
11)  Blood for Poppies                      21) Vow

Manson, the fight (usually in a different place in A.C.) that has since gone viral, and “Stupid Girl:”

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