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June 8, 2012 / jhsaeger

The Disaster That Has Been The Guns ‘N Roses 2012 European Tour

   I don’t know how much of this has been deemed newsworthy on North American news feeds, as I’ve only seen these items on U.K. sites, but the 2012 Guns N’ Roses European tour has been a bit of a disaster. I’m not much of a GNR fan. Never have been. Never will be. It is not news to me that an association involving Axl Rose is a light Night Train wreck, but there have been a series of events that make me wonder: why would anyone shell out 55 Euros/Dollars to see them?
   There is no disrespect intended to the current lineup’s capable collection of musicians, including esteemed bassist Tommy Stinson, but the current list of mishaps may be a bit of karma for Axl Rose, who skipped out on the band’s Hall of Fame induction this year: 
    Banning t-shirts with Slash’s image. If you show up to a concert, security has been instructed to make you take off the garment or turn you away. Is Axl Rose really that thin-skinned? He and Courtney Love would make a wonderful couple.
        Going on stage in Manchester three hours late at 11:15 PM after being told they were to finish the concert by 11:00. I understand that rock bands aren’t always the most prompt organizations, but I’ve never seen an arena show where the band didn’t start at a reasonable time slot. There is such a thing as professionalism that should take over at some point and the waiting game wears thin.
     Axl Rose frequently leaving the stage to “visit an oxygen tent” throughout the set. With the exception of Liam Gallagher, I’ve never seen a lead singer leave the stage to take frequent breaks. It is an oddity in a rock show, a band pausing to let its singer refresh himself. It certainly disrupts the flow of a gig and is a bit disrespectful.
          Fans throwing coins and beer onto the stage at London’s O2 Arena. While this is certainly not encouraged behavior, the London show started 50 minutes late and didn’t wrap up until 2:00 AM. The harshest rain making also occurred during one of Rose’s breathing exercises, so maybe there was a reason for fans to throw things at musicians they paid decent wage to see.
       A French model was allegedly not sure how she left a Paris afterparty with $200,000 worth of Axl Rose’s jewelry. The pricey bling, which was recovered shortly thereafter, included three necklaces whose absence was enough to leave the frontman “fuming.”

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