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June 10, 2012 / jhsaeger

Morning Parade Puts A Different Spin on “Gold On The Ceiling”

      Recently, the British band Morning Parade stopped by Philadelphia radio station 104.5 for a brief studio session with the FM alternative rock signal. The Essex band, who is currently touring in support of their self-titled debut album, tossed in a very different cover of The Black Keys’ “Gold On The Ceiling.
    The song, “Gold On The Ceiling,” is of course one of the biggest singles from the Black Keys’ most recent record El Camino. An interesting choice for Morning Parade, the group put a different spin on the track by subtracting the crunching guitars and drumming that comprise the song’s hooks in favor of a melodic piano and acoustic arrangement. By doing so, lead singer Steve Sparrow was able to let Dan Auerbach’s lyrics stand by themselves. A complete 180-reversal, this cut of the track was an interesting take on the song that I had not hear before. 
    Check out the band’s cover of “Gold On The Ceiling:”

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