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June 13, 2012 / jhsaeger

The Stones Roses Strike Fools Gold In Amsterdam Debacle, Reunion Tour Blows Up After Drummer Reni Walks Off Stage

    All good things, must (and usually do), come to an end. The recently-reunited U.K. band Stone Roses, however, may have rewritten the record books on their Tuesday evening show in Amsterdam’s Heineken Music Hall in a way that would have made the Gallagher brothers proud.
    According to a variety of news sources that include NME and several Danish music sites, the highly-influential Stone Roses reunion tour crashed in a very public way on Tuesday night.
  The details are still a bit murky, but it appears as if the band’s talented drummer Reni failed to reappear on stage last night following the break between the main set and the encore. While the sudden absence of a drummer may have appeared to be bizarre enough, front man Ian Brown allegedly dubbed the refugee drummer a select piece of profanity beginning with the letter C as he explained to the audience why the show had concluded rather abruptly, saying, “I’m not kidding, the drummer’s gone home.”
     The Manchester band, who cut the two terrific albums Stone Roses and Second Coming in 1989 and 1994, were only playing the second stop on a tour that was to include dates at the highly-attended V Festival and T in the Park. The Stone Roses had also been linked to a documentary and a new album, having cut a handful of tracks already. Even though no official announcement has been made, odds are giving the events of tonight’s show in Amsterdam, one of the most highly-anticipated reunions of the years is in doubt. While depressing news as it would have no doubt been the highlight of many concert calendars this year, one can argue the band no longer wished to be adored. 

The Stone Roses, Fool’s Gold, Amsterdam, 6/12/12

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