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June 27, 2012 / jhsaeger

Walk The Moon Makes Major Label Debut

    I first stumbled onto Walk The Moon at a November 2011 show in Philadelphia, where the Cincinnati art-rock band opened for Fitz and the Tantrums. The face-painted band gradually charmed the crowd with their energy and enthusiasm during their impressive set. Walk The Moon’s style was impressive enough for the headliner’s leader Michael Fitzpatrick to urge the crowd to remember that when the band breaks that they saw them with the Tantrums first.
   Seven months later, here we are with Walk The Moon’s self-titled debut, an eleven-track album primarily composed of elements from their 2010 effort i want! i want!. Anchored by the pop-filled beats of the single, “Anna Sun,” Walk The Moon’s album has had enough hype to put them into the category of the “next” major label indie-pop sensation, a la Foster the People or Fun. Where those groups fall on your musical barometer will likely dictate how you appreciate the Cincinnati four-piece.
   Six of the eleven songs on Walk The Moon came from i want! i want!, giving the album little new material. Those six songs, however, tended to be the better tracks on the record, most notably “Anna Sun” and “Jenny.” For the most part, however, Walk the Moon was not a marked improvement over the band’s earliest discography. The album seemed to be a solid, though unspectacular foray with a handful of moments that flashed their potential. Whether it was the synth structures of keyboard/vocalist Nicholas Petricca or the riffs of bass player Kevin Ray, Walk The Moon didn’t seem to possess either enough well-written songwriting or smartly-chosen hooks in a style based on creating catchy beats.
   Walk The Moon is available as a digital download, CD, and vinyl (with download card). Walk The Moon is currently undergoing an extended tour which takes them across North America and to sporadic European festivals. 

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