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July 6, 2012 / jhsaeger

Long After Dark’s Interview With The Gallery’s Dave Mozdzanowski

Long After Dark exchanged e-mails with The Gallery’s Dave Mozdzanowski, who discusses the band’s fundraising efforts for their forthcoming record, getting into Rolling Stone Magazine, the chances of them covering Carly Rae Jepsen, and adjusting to Los Angeles.

Long After Dark: How are you doing and what have you been up to lately?
Dave Mozdzanowski: “Hey, great, thanks! We’ve been living in LA since mid-January this year. We’ve been writing new songs, working, and getting ready to record this new full-length.”

LAD: In 2011, the band was a contestant in Rolling Stone’s “Choose The Cover” competition, which spotlighted unsigned indie bands. What was it like to suddenly be thrust into the national spotlight and what kind of impact did that have on the band?
DM: “It was definitely a really great learning experience. Although we didn’t make it past that first round, it was good to get our 2010 EP, “Come Alive”, some national exposure. It opened up a few different doors and allowed us the opportunity to make some great connections that we’ve still kept.”

LAD: You are currently about to enter the studio to record your next LP, what can we expect to hear from The Gallery on your second full-length and will any of your tremendous 2011 EP Come Alive make the cut onto the album?
DM: “We’ve been working on some really great ideas, and I think we’re constantly getting to where we’ve always wanted to be in terms of our sound. Classic-sounding straight-forward rock songs has always been what we’ve enjoyed and wanted to release, so I think we’re closer to that with this batch of songs. We’ve stretched our creativity a bit on these ones, so we’re excited to get it done and out for everyone to hear.”

LAD: You recently moved from your hometown of Wilbraham, Massachusetts to Los Angeles and have also undergone a lineup change with the departure of guitar player Shea Brennan. How have both transitions gone and how has working with new member Ben Lozano impacted the band as you head to the studio?
DM:“We definitely miss Shea a lot. He’s still a great friend and we keep in touch with him back home. We couldn’t be happier that Ben is with us though. He’s a legend of a guitarist already, and his personality fits right into our already quirky group. His style is different than what we were doing with Shea, but it totally worked out with the direction these new songs were headed anyways.”

LAD: In an e-mail sent to your fan base, you asked that fans help finance the recording of the new album through the website Indiegogo. Based on the wording in the e-mail, it seemed that it was a tough decision for the band to make. How difficult of a decision was it to go through this route and how have the fundraising efforts gone thus far?
DM:“We’ve always tried to get our music recorded and available as easily as possible for our friends, family, and fans. And a reality of these fundraisers is that our family and friends will always donate, so we’ve tried not to burden them with it, in addition to coming to shows, etc. Regardless, though, this time we went with it, and it seems to be going great so far. We’ve been floored by the donations already (we’re at almost 1/4 of our goal after one week), but we’ve still got a ways to go. At this point, we’re hoping to gain the support of all those who would be willing to donate even just $5 to get the entire 10-song digital album, as well as exclusive studio updates, or $20 for a physical copy, early digital, and a poster. Not a bad deal these days.”

LAD: One of the donation tiers (for $1,000) was a donor’s choice of recordings, including any cover “within a reasonable genre.” With those clarifying words, were there concerns that you’d suddenly have to cover LMFAO or Justin Bieber?
DM: “Exactly, haha. Not that we think a Gallery cover of “Call Me Maybe” would sound bad, but we just thought it best to keep it somewhat close to home.”

LAD: The producer on your forthcoming record, Warren Huart, whose last project was the new Aerosmith record and who has also worked with The Fray and Korn (as well as Come Alive). What is it like when someone with such impressive credentials is helping to guide your album through the studio?
DM:“Warren’s been a really great influence on the band since we’ve met him. He’s super supportive of us and has helped us focus on getting the most out of our songs. He’s a top notch producer, as well as an engineer and guitarist, so we’re never surprised at the tones he captures or the work he does.”

LAD: Are there any plans to hit the road after the record is complete?
DM:“We’ve actually been working with a booking company out of NYC on a small tour up the west coast to Washington state for mid-August. After that, we’ll be playing shows around Southern California promoting the new album for sure.”

LAD:  Some quick hits to complete the interview: What were the first records you bought, who are you listening to right now, and if The Gallery could play venue/festival, what would it be?
DM: “Some of the first records (as cassette tapes) I ever bought were Dave Matthews – Under The Table And Dreaming, Third Eye Blind. And I know Bren and Ry had an early Oasis album on cassette.
Right now, we’ve been listening to Foster The People, Noel Gallagher and the High-Flying Birds, AWOLNation, and of course the fallbacks that I must listen to every day: T. Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Beatles, etc.
If we could play any venue we would love to play Red Rocks in Colorado, MSG in New York, maybe Manchester Stadium in UK. If any festival, we’d love to play Glastonbury or Coachella.”

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