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July 8, 2012 / jhsaeger

Pearl Jam Lets Fan Pen Set List

            Brian Farias is not the first mega fan to ever scribble down a dream set list, but recently he received the opportunity from Pearl Jam to actually write THE set for the veteran Seattle band. Pearl Jam, who have always had a unique way of connecting with their exceptionally loyal fan base over their 20-plus years, allowed Farias to create the set for the band’s June 27th gig in Amsterdam in what may be the single coolest thing a band can do for a fan.

            According to an interview with Rolling Stone, Farias has apparently seen the band 108 times, dating back to their days as Mother Love Bone. Farias did a very good job of mixing in the hits with the deep cuts, including “Bugs,” which had only been played once in concert prior to the June 27th show. Every fan has their deep cuts that they would love to hear, but to actually select which deep cuts are played must have been the biggest trip for Farias.
            An unbelievable honor from Pearl Jam, I cannot imagine what it would be like to script a concert for any number of artists, but especially for a band whose catalog is as deep as theirs. What band would you write a set for and what would the set be? A free copy of Long After Dark’s extremely limited edition of the Best of 2012 (thru June) CD is up for a grabs for the best list. Submissions are due by July 31st. 

Here is Farias’ set from the June 27th concert in Amsterdam: 

   1)      Wash                                      13) Deep                         Encore 2:
   2)      Last Exit                                 14) The Fixer                 22) Crown of Thorns
   3)      State of Love and Trust           15) Bugs                        23) Sonic Reduce
   4)      Severed Hand                         16) Better Man              24) Alive
   5)      Corduroy                                 Encore 1:                      25) Baba O’Riley
   6)      I Got Shit                               17) Release                    26) Yellow Ledbetter/Little Wing
   7)      Daughter/WMA                      18) Hail, Hail
   8)      Nothing As It Seems               19) Alone
   9)      Got Some                              20) Footsteps
  10)   Dissident                                 21) Rearview Mirror
  11)   Once                                      
  12)   Glorified G                              

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