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July 14, 2012 / jhsaeger

New U2, Metallica, and Arcade Fire Records To Be Released in 2013

      There may not be an award for Record Label of the Year, but odds are that Mercury will deliver their fair share of chart toppers next year. The label released a statement on July 13th stating that U2, Metallica, and Arcade Fire will all release new records in 2013, as well as English folk band Noah and the Whale. While U2 (who recently joined the label) has been known to drag out an album release from time-to-time and is the most likely band to fall behind schedule, the prospect for a label to release new material from three of the industry’s biggest names will undoubtedly line Mercury’s pockets
   Like their Irish counterparts, Metallica has, and always will be among the biggest veteran acts in music. The album will be the group’s tenth studio full-length record and first release since collaborating with Lou Reed in 2011’s Lulu. Last December, the band celebrated their 30th Anniversary with a memorable run of shows at the Filmore in San Francisco.
    Arcade Fire, meanwhile, will seek to expand on their run of successful albums after enjoying the top spot on record charts in the U.S., U.K., and their native Canada with 2010’s The Suburbs. This year, the sextet released the track “Abraham’s Daughter” with the Hunger Games soundtrack and appeared with Mick Jagger on Saturday Night Live’s season finale

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