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August 20, 2012 / jhsaeger

The Heavy Return In Style With The Glorious Dead

    The Heavy first surfaced in 2007 with a curious, yet excellent mix of rock, hip-hop, and soul in Great Vengeance And Furious Fire. Fast forward five years and the band have had their music adored by David Letterman, prominently placed in an Academy Award-nominated film, a Super Bowl commercial, and all over television thanks to their smash single, “How You Like Me Now?” On Tuesday, the British outfit returns with their highly-anticipated third album, The Glorious Dead.
    The self-produced The Glorious Dead continues The Heavy’s unique blend of sound that makes them one of the best cross-genre bands in vogue at the moment. Their varied approach to music is evident from the outset of the LP, as the band begins with a spoken sample from the 1966 horror film The She Beast to introduce the dually-eerie and hook-filled guitar tones and strings of “Can’t Play Dead.” The album then fades from the opener into more of a singer-songwriter effort from lead singer Kevin Swaby with, “Curse Me Good.”
    The centerpiece of The Glorious Dead is the anthemic lead single, “What Makes A Good Man?” Like their best tracks from their previous records, “What Makes A Good Man?” combines th efforts of the band as a whole. The song features Swaby alternating the chorus against a large choir as Dan Taylor laces the track with the album’s most explosive guitar part. Not to be neglected, the rhythm section of Chris Ellul and Spencer Page also matches their intensity with the song which is destined for an action flick’s soundtrack.
    The record then follows with the band’s most hip-hop-centric track yet, “Big Bad Wolf,” and the slick “Be Mine.” As the LP progresses, the combination of hip-hop and rock grandeur that the band excels at returns in “Same ‘Ol” to give the band another arena-filling track. The Glorious Dead wraps up with a pair of two varying songs: the up-tempo “Don’t Say Nothing” and “Blood Dirt Love Stop,” a track that puts their customary insertion of a horn section in center while mixing in shades of New Orleans and delta blues.
    With the The Glorious Dead, The Heavy have crafted a very good record that continues the spirit of their first two albums, although seemed to be missing something that the first two possessed. While maybe not quite the standout that either of the two LPs has been, it is nonetheless a fun, energetic album with an intriguing blend of multiple genres.  The Glorious Dead cements their status as a band and truly removes the word “rising” from describing their status as an exciting group that has a burgeoning discography.
  The Heavy are currently engaged in a tour of the U.S. and Canada that will take them through Ohio, California, Toronto, and Montreal through the end of September. The Glorious Dead will be available in the U.S. on August 21st as a digital download, CD, and vinyl. 

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