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September 1, 2012 / jhsaeger

Bob Mould Hits The Silver Age At 51

     Bob Mould has had a long track record as one of the most well-known figures in the hardcore/alternative rock scene that dominated the 1980’s and early 90’s, making his name as a creative force with Sugar and Husker Du. On September 4, the 51-year-old Mould passes into the Silver Age, his tenth solo record and his first release since 2009.
    What Mould crafted for his audience in Silver Age is apparent from the first track of the album, “Star Machine,” a song which features terrific guitar play and an amazing drum part, even if you can’t clearly make out what he’s singing. This problem persist throughout Silver Age, as the final mix left his microphone volume a couple of ticks too low, thus allowing the music to constantly stifle his words.
    Despite this hamper, Silver Age still manages to be a very good album. Mould continues to create amazing music, particularly through the tracks “Briefest Moment,” “Steam of Hercules,” and “Angels Rearrange.” The album does not have much of a drop-off and is solid throughout each of its ten tracks, including the LP-capping brilliance of “First Time Joy.” Mould still has his Midas touch in the studio, and having seen him twice last year while he toured with the Foo Fighters, is still very much a live presence to be reckoned with. He has managed to outlast many of his compatriots while retaining both his persona and integrity.
    Bob Mould is touring in support of both Silver Age and the re-issue of Sugar’s Copper Blue in Europe and North America this fall, including a show at Philadelphia’s Union Transfer on September 11th. Silver Age will be available as a CD and digital download in North America starting September 4th

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