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September 7, 2012 / jhsaeger

Why Lana Del Rey Winning U.K. GQ’s Woman of the Year Award Is Bogus

   The front cover of the British addition of GQ is eye worthy for two reasons: Lana Del Rey sits completely naked with crossed legs covering up the most strategic areas and her status as the magazine’s Woman of the Year.
    I am certain that scores of other women have done more heroic and impactful deeds this year than Del Rey, whose biggest contribution to popular culture was bombing on Saturday Night Live in a way that made people reminisce on Ashley Simpson. Even if GQ was bent on giving the slot to a pop star, I don’t think that could have selected a less appropriate woman to decorate their cover (with or without clothes).
    The singer, who is known less publicly as Lizzy Grant, made her name late last year as her song “Video Games” ruminated online. According to the magazine one of her qualifications to garner the title was that she fulfilled GQ’s requirements of being a pop star because, “she gets talked about.” Hell, if that was the criteria at least get Madonna. The Queen of Pop would be willing to shed clothes and do something actually worth talking about.
    I suppose the most depressing thing about GQ’s selection is that the idea of a female pop star who is more famous for her ability to generate internet buzz is more depressing than the lackluster art she creates, nixing musicians like Florence Welch and Adele in the process. 

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