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September 16, 2012 / jhsaeger

Nick Waterhouse Hits The Road With Daryl Hall On LFDH 58

San Francisco soul artist Nick Waterhouse appeared in Episode 58 of Live From Daryl’s House on Saturday evening, taking the Daryl Hall webcast by storm in its sweatiest, raunchiest show to date. Hall and Waterhouse, who released his first full-length album Time’s All Gone earlier this year, cut selections from both that record and Hall’s most recent work while capping the broadcast with an enjoyable cover of a Ray Charles classic.
Despite being labeled under the same soul/R&B umbrella, there is a different, dirtier element to Waterhouse’s music than the smoother pop of his host. Hall even acknowledged that after “Time’s All Gone” when he declared “that was raunchy, man” following a phenomenal take of the song. Their respective styles fell into an especially catchy groove on “Problem With You,” from Hall’s 2011 solo album Laughing Down Crying. Hall and Waterhouse also played “Say I Wanna Know,” “Some Place,” and “(If) You Want Trouble” from Time’s All Gone.
One aspect of the show that separated itself from the previous 57 was the horn section of Waterhouse’s tenor sax, George Schafer, and Hall’s own Charlie DeChant. DeChant has often flashed his multi-instrumental prowess on the show, but he is rarely joined by an accompanying player. Schafer joined more well-known luminaries such as Mark Rivera and James King, who have also jammed with DeChant on LFDH, but he clearly belongs in their company. As the show came to an end, the pair combined to close the enjoyable show out with a bang on Charles’ “Hit The Road Jack.” 

Nick Waterhouse is wrapping up what has been a lengthy tour over the next month and will make stops across North America that include Philadelphia’s Johnny Brenda’s on October 3rd. Daryl Hall is currently in the midst of another leg of the Do What You Want Be Who You Are Tour with Hall & Oates. In December, H&O will play gigs in York, Pennsylvania and Atlantic City.

            Waterhouse, Hall, et. al on “Hit The Road Jack” – 

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