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September 16, 2012 / jhsaeger

Scoring Autumn: The Music of NFL Films

     More than any other sports league, the National Football League owes a debt of gratitude to the creative minds that were responsible for the presentation of the sport. The hallowed productions of NFL Films, based out of Mount Laurel, New Jersey, have helped to deify the history of the game. Without the production company, it is less likely that Bart Starr rumbling across the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field or a mud slung title game in 1949 Los Angeles would be so ingrained in the annals of 20thCentury Americana.
    A significant factor in the successful presentation of NFL Films stems from their in-house orchestra. Once helmed by Sam Spence, David Robidoux, and Tom Hedden, the orchestra has created a litany of music that provided a soundtrack for football and so many crisp autumn afternoons. From the adrenalized rush of “Heroes of War” to the clamoring bells of “A New Game” and the psychedelic nature of “The Linemen,” the music of NFL Films is as integral a part of the game as Johnny Unitas. After all, can you see the Joe Montana passing to Dwight Clark without the typical dramatic strings and muscular percussion entering somewhere into the picture?

The Famous “Roundup” from Sam Spence:

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