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September 20, 2012 / jhsaeger

Long After Dark Radio Week V

     The fifth week of WLAD originated as a selection of all-star covers, but gradually evolved into a collection comprised of the best of The Beatles, Covers Edition (of and by the Fab Four). A decent percentage of this playlist stems from two significant concerts, 2002’s Concert for George and the Music for Montserrat charity concert, where all-star collaborations delivered note-perfect efforts. Finding the best of The Beatles covers is not easy, as there are plenty to choose from, but it is tough to find a more emotional cover than Billy Preston’s cover of “My Sweet Lord” from the Concert For George. As for covers by The Beatles, one of their best is easily their cut of Carl Perkins’ hit “Honey Don’t,” which is available from one of their sessions from BBC radio.

 “Honey Don’t,” The Beatles – BBC Radio “Top Gear”
“Kansas City,” Paul McCartney – Music for Montserrat
“My Sweet Lord,” Billy Preston – Concert For George
“I Am The Walrus,” Oasis – Electric Proms
“Come Together, Arctic Monkeys – 2012 Olympics
“Helter Skelter,” U2 – Rattle and Hum
“Imagine,” Queen + Paul Rodgers, Hyde Park
“Blackbird,” Foo Fighters, Demos
“Something,” Paul McCartney, Concert For George
“Wah Wah,” Jeff Lynne, Concert For George 

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