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September 21, 2012 / jhsaeger

Green Day Puts Out First Of Album Trilogy With ¡uno!

    Over the last ten years, Green Day has retooled their sound, evolving from a punk band to more of a mainstream rock outfit as they continue to put out a series of chart-toppers. In the next five months the band will realize their most ambitious project yet: releasing the appropriately named albums ¡uno!, ¡dos!, and ¡tre! Next week, ¡uno! will hit shelves as Green Day have their eyes on completing the enviable idea of mastering so much material in such a short span of time.
   A faster, punkier, and occasionally funkier piece of work than their last two releases, the band succeeds in ¡uno! by creating a solid first effort in their album trilogy. The album may not be a complete masterpiece, but it is Green Day’s best work since 2004’s American Idiot. The 12-track LP kicks off with “Nuclear Family,” an explosive rock song that sets a brisk tone that permeates the entirety of the album. As the beginning of the record progresses, frontman Billy Joe Armstrong tries to coax an object of his affection in “Stay the Night” and stumbles upon three-chord ambition in “Carpe Diem” before sinking into the album’s best song.

    The second single and most pop-friendly track from the record, “Kill the DJ,” begins with a fat bass line from Mike Dirnt that is more likely to come from a Red Hot Chili Peppers album than from the pop punk vets. In what is the album’s biggest moment of truth, Armstrong echoes a sentiment that most of us have had from time to tim:, “Someone kill the DJ, shoot the f-ing DJ.” The hook-filled track is more than just Green Day’s hit list, however, as Armstrong immerses his audience in the bowels of New York City and some bad habits:
“walkin’ in the dark/in the New York City park/I’ll pick up what’s left in the club/my pocket full of pills/Sodom and Gomorrah/in the century of thrills.”
The flip side of ¡uno! features several songs where Armstrong returns to the love of “Stay the Night.” These tracks appear to revert Green Day’s lyrics to the romance of a high school garage rock band, including “Fell For You,” “Sweet 16,” “Troublemaker,” and “Oh Love.” Of these tracks, “Troublemaker” is the best of the second half of the record and stands alongside “Kill the DJ” and “Let Yourself Go” as one of the best on the LP. A vintage garage pop radio hit, the track is lined by catchy riffs while Armstrong is awestruck by a badass jezebel. 
¡uno! passed the first test of Green Day’s self-imposed task. Now what will they do for their two-part encore? 
¡uno! is available as a digital download, cd, and vinyl. Green Day is also selling a special collectors box that contains slots for each of the three records. ¡dos! comes out on November 13 and ¡tre! on January 15. The band will tour in support of ¡uno!, ¡dos!, and ¡tre!, including a date with the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on September 20 and Temple University’s Liacouras Center next January 22

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