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September 25, 2012 / jhsaeger

Allah-Las Amaze In Debut LP

        The cover of the Allah-Las’ self-titled debut record depicts a young woman holding a seashell to her ear, likely listening to the sound of waves from the past lapping against each other in their newfound medium. That art seems to perfectly define the Allah-Las, a California-based band whose sound reaches back to The Animals or The Troggs. It is hard not to rave about Allah-Las, a masterfully crafted record that brings out the best of a gritty, dirty rock ‘n roll sound.
       To produce their first full-length album, the Allah-Las made the apt choice of Nick Waterhouse, also an indie artist from California who excels at delivering impure, grimy work. The influence of the Allah-Las’ music is apparent from the outset of the record as Pedrum Siadation’s guitar twang ties together with lead singer Miles Michaud’s Eric Burdonesque vocals in “Catamaran.” Two tracks later, the band again finds a groove in “Busman’s Holiday,” a song where Siadation’s deftness with a guitar stands out from any other song on the LP.Possibly the best track on the record, “Busman’s Holiday” not only sounds like a throwback tune, but also contains lyrics that seem to have been inspired by a Vietnam-era story by following a character who “spent two years of my life in a foreign land/came home to my young wife and a different man.”
            Mid-way through the LP, the Allah-Las fall into a musical nirvana with their instrumental jam, “Ela Navega.” A wonderful intertwine of jazzy drums, guitar, and bass, a listener can’t help but get lost in the four-minute magic the band laid down in the studio.
            There is not much, if any, drop-off in Allah-Las, but before the record comes to a close, the band throws in a bit of brilliance in “Long Journey.” Sparked by a fat bass line and a Norman Greenbaum-like guitar bit, Michaud moans through the lyrics “it’s been a long, long ride/I don’t know where I’ll sleep tonight/under the stars/or maybe in your bed, alright?” for one of the LP’s must-hear tracks.
            The Allah-Las are currently touring North America with Nick Waterhouse, including a stop at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia on October 3rd. Allah-Las is currently available as a CD, vinyl, and digital download. 

Allah-Lah’s Busman’s Holliday:

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