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September 29, 2012 / jhsaeger

Josh Homme, David Sardy Put Out New Song On End Of Watch Soundtrack, “Nobody To Love”

    All signs point to L.A. cop drama End Of Watch being a must-see thriller, but the inclusion of a new song from Queens of the Stone front man Josh Homme onto the film’s soundtrack only adds to the list of reasons to visit theaters.
    The track, “Nobody To Love,” comes as Queens of the Stone Age work on their sixth studio album. Produced with David Sardy, the song begins with a brief piano intro before the track takes off with an exciting mix of otherworldly riffs and emotional vocals as Homme bemoans the lack of objects for his affection. While a bit of a departure from a typical Queens of the Stone Age, it is nonetheless an enjoyable listen. If this is any indication of Homme’s mindset as he records the new album, Queens of the Stone Age fans may be in for quite the ride, even if it is traveling in a different direction.
The soundtrack for End Of Watch is only available as a digital download and also includes older work from Public Enemy, The Delfonics, and the Latin Rascals as well as new work from Sardy. 

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