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October 6, 2012 / jhsaeger

Who Is Your Favorite Beatle?

Most everyone has one, so who is your favorite Beatle? The unique composition and timing of the Fab Four and the success of each Beatle’s solo career have allowed their unique personalities to flourish well beyond the group’s 1970 dissolution. More so than any other band, the lives of each member of The Beatles is more revered or dissected on an individual basis than any other collection of musicians. The preference of one band member over another is often indicative of your own personality as well, with some veering towards the energy of Paul or the artful ways of John, maybe even the flair of Ringo, or the spirituality of George. So Long After Dark asks its readership, who is your favorite Beatle?
John Lennon: Seen by many as being the consummate artist, the bespectacled Lennon possessed a host of uncompromised views that entered into his songwriting. While highly valued as the second member of the greatest songwriting duo in history, Lennon’s greatest mark in rock ‘n roll came after The Beatles as the creator of the hopeful “Imagine.” 
Paul McCartney: The most commercially successful Beatle and likely the most skilled musician in contemporary music, McCartney’s legacy has endured because of his boundless artistic energy and youthful personality. Paul is also believed to have pursued the iconic status of being a Beatle more than the other member of the band. Following his tenure with The Beatles, McCartney ripped off an incredible stretch of albums with Ram, McCartney, McCartney II, and Band On the Run that cemented a legacy that has only been equaled by Stevie Wonder.  
George Harrison: The Beatle who crafted the most impactful music and the architect of 1970’s incomparable All Things Must Pass, Harrison’s lyrics have endured as some of the best in the vast cannon of 20th Century poetry. While appreciated as a Beatle, Harrison achieved greater popularity after his career with the former Quarrymen and became instrumental in the success of Monty Python and the Traveling Wilburys.
Ringo Starr: Ringo has always possessed a sense of fun and an effervescent coolness that permeates through his music and shows with the All-Starr Band. Using the pull and resources of being a Beatle has behooved Starr more so than any other member of the Fab Four. Just looking at the credits of his 1973 album, Ringo is enough to impress anyone. His All-Starr Band concerts have been equally impressive, showcasing musicians like Nils Lofren, Todd Rundgren, Clarence Clemons, Dr. John, Billy Preston, Levon Helm, and Edgar Winter.

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