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October 7, 2012 / jhsaeger

Selecting A Bond Theme: Adele’s “Skyfall” vs. Muse’s “Supremacy” vs. Noel Gallagher’s “Freaky Teeth”

    Last Thursday, British singer Adele released her oft-hyped theme to the forthcoming James Bond film, “Skyfall.” The track has already found its way to the top spot of the iTunes download chart, a very familiar place for the creator of 19 and 21. Adele was not necessarily the only candidate to serenade the 23rd Bond film. Aside from Muse, who have openly expressed that the track “Supremacy” from their recently dropped album The 2ndLaw would have been perfect, fellow Brit Noel Gallagher was also rumored to be heavily considered for the project with his unreleased song “Freaky Teeth.”

        The natural choice for Skyfall, Adele’s song is a vintage Bond theme with a pitch-perfect delivery of the lyrics and phrasing. The string orchestra that cast John Barry’s theme into the background was an excellent touch as well, although the choir may have been unnecessary. Adele and cowriter Paul Epworth clearly played it safe while creating this theme and it is hard to argue with the Broccoli family’s choice.
            Muse has a valid argument that “Supremacy,” the lead song in their new album 2nd Law, would have been a perfect fit as a Bond theme. If you listen closely to the string arrangements of “Supremacy,” Matt Bellamy and his cohorts managed to sneak in a hint of Barry and a plethora of epic. The cool guitar parts make the track perfect for screen credits and the case that “Supremacy” belongs on an action flick from somewhere.
            Noel Gallagher’s “Freaky Teeth” has not found its way onto an album yet, but it has not exactly wallowed in a muddy obscurity either. The song has popped up in a handful of concerts and prompted a swath of internet chatter that “Freaky Teeth” was the next Bond theme. It certainly sounds like one. Even though it has not been officially confirmed that the song was under consideration, it would not have been a stretch to see it appear on a Bond film. “Freaky Teeth” is a creative departure for Gallagher and while it would not have meshed well with his High Flying Birds material, it would not be a shock to see it in of the track listing of his psychedelic project with Androgynous Amorphous.  

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