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October 8, 2012 / jhsaeger

Long After Dark’s 2013 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Ballot

            Last week the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced the nominees of their 2013 class. Even though there was the usual long list of snubs, the Hall of Fame has given fans a chance to correct a handful of their shortcomings. For the first time in its existence, the Hall of Fame has given fans an opportunity to vote. The fan ballot will be counted as a paltry one of 600-plus ballots, but it is nonetheless a previously uncounted voice that will finally be acknowledged. The nominees for the 2013 class of the Rock and Roll Hall of fame are Rush, The Marvelettes,  Kraftwerk, Deep Purple, Heart, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, The Meters, Albert King, Public Enemy, Procol Harum, Randy Newman, N.W.A., Donna Summer, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and Chic. Like the other voters, fans were allowed to cast votes for a maximum of five acts. For the duration of October, Long After Dark will poll its listeners on who should be inducted and will cast a ballot with that vote at the end of the month. The poll may be found in the column on the right side of this page. Here are Long After Dark’s five:
Rush – How this had not happened a long time ago is beyond comprehension, but Rush is likely to get in this year because their immensely loyal following now has an opportunity to be counted. The Canadian prog rockers have sold 40 million albums and are among the most talented trio of musicians that have collaborated with each other for as long a period a time as they have. A longtime inaccuracy of the music industry, Alex Lifeson, Neil Pert, and Geddy Lee are the likely headliners of a strong class. 
Deep Purple – The shame of Deep Purple’s overdue nomination is that one of the members of the group who was a very critical part of their success, keyboard player Jon Lord, died earlier this year. Like Rush, Deep Purple’s inclusion into the Cleveland, Ohio museum is long overdue. Drummer Ian Paice is the only member of Deep Purple who has toured continually since their incarnation in 1968. Just who would be considered a member of Deep Purple would be interesting as there have been a mind boggling 14 of them in that time. 
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Joan Jett could be in the Hall of Fame under several hats, but the Blackhearts are the most apt fit for the 54-year-old Runaway and Blackheart. An argument can be made that Jett should be a two-time inductee if the Runaways ever get their due. If Jett gets voted in this year, the Hall will have inducted one of the coolest women to ever grace a stage and become significantly more badass as a result. 
Kraftwerk – The list of bands that have been influenced by Kraftwerk is endless. Another instance of the Hall of Fame ignoring niche artists, Kraftwerk put out their first album in 1970 and has continued to have an impact as one of the forefathers of an entire genre. It can be argued that Kraftwerk had a similar influence on electronic music that Led Zeppelin had on metal and hard rock. It would have existed anyways, but without them it can be argued that the genre would not be quite what it is today. 
Public Enemy – This is where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame officially becomes the Music Hall of Fame. When Run DMC was inducted in 2009, the Hall nodded towards their rap/rock collaboration with Aerosmith, “Walk This Way.” There is no such argument with Public Enemy, but there is also no hip-hop group that is more deserving of entry. Chuck D, Flavor Flav, The S1W, Sister Souljah, DJ Lord, Professor Griff, and Terminator X became one of the first acts in their genre to achieve international acclaim alongside their U.S. success. For 25 years the group has fought the power and brought the noise without giving a crap about how it might offend a politically sensitive nerve and that is the true essence of Rock and Roll.

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