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October 9, 2012 / jhsaeger

Black Keys Release Tour Rehearsal Tapes EP

             Amidst a recent wave of buzz about recording sessions for a new album that would be released in 2013, the Black Keys have put out Tour Rehearsal Tapes EP today, a six-song release containing cuts from the rehearsal that preceded the El Camino tour.        

           Four of the six songs on the EP came from El Camino and two from the band’s previous album, Brothers. These sessions reveal an even rawer sound of the Black Keys’ new material than those that made the cut onto both albums. Without the studio-honed polish, the guitar tones of “Gold On The Ceiling” and “Lonely Boy” sound a shade closer to the band’s garage rock roots, an aspect of the duo that does not always reveal itself on either El Camino or Brothers.
Of the songs on the EP, “Dead And Gone” stands out in terms of veering furthest from the sound on the record. Without the influence of the studio, the Black Keys rhythm section of drummer Patrick Carney and touring bassist Gus Seyffert make it the must-hear track of Tour Rehearsal Tapes EP, which is very much worth downloading for hardcore fans of the band.
            Tour Rehearsal Tapes EP is available as an iTunes-exclusive release for the first two weeks before it becomes more widely available on digital platforms.

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