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October 16, 2012 / jhsaeger

Live From Daryl’s House Goes Down The Shore With Sharon Jones and Allen Stone

        For a webcast that continues to reinvent itself almost every month, Live From Daryl’s House veered into a very different direction in its 59thepisode, selecting seven cuts from a concert that combined a soul-slanted lineup of Daryl Hall, Allen Stone, and Sharon Jones. Taken from an April 14, 2012 show at Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel, Hall’s most recent tour with guests from his internet webcast displayed the typical infectiousness of an LFDH episode that was honed by the fantastic live sound of the Hall & Oates band.

The first two excerpts from the concert came from Hall’s 2011 album Laughing Down Crying: “Save Me” and the excellent “Eyes For You.” Midway through the episode, Hall trotted out Allen Stone, the young blond-maned, blue-eyed, golden-voiced singer who had brought an inescapable feeling of déjà vu to episode 51. Hall acknowledged the feeling to the audience, saying “He reminds me of myself when I was his age.” The pair shared two tracks that had also appeared on the original episode “Celebrate Tonight” and “Unaware,” a song that is reminiscent of early H&O records and seemed to reflect itself through their performance through the palpable chemistry shared by the two singers.
Unlike earlier in the show, where Stone and Hall shared the spotlight, the end of the show singularly belonged to Jones. The Dap Queen, who had originally guest starred in episode 34, brought her powerful presence to “100 Days, 100 Nights” and “I Learned The Hard Way.” It takes a special kind of flair to steal someone’s band from them as they stand a few feet away, but Jones managed to do just that by commandeering the H&O band with the shake of her hips and the direction of her hands. As Jones moved across the stage, she directed drummer Brian Dunne, the musicians on stage, and even Hall in an amazing take of “100 Days, 100 Nights”.
After an unfair, hunger-inducing segment which spotlighted Tony Luke’s Borgata restaurant as a reprise of the cheesesteak’s presence on Stone’s original appearance on LFDH, the episode wrapped with an emotional version of Hall & Oates’ “Everytime You Go Away.” In a way that continued her captivating presence as a performer, Jones stole the spotlight again, even as the song’s writer stood center stage and she shared the backing microphone with Stone. 

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